Hair Salon | 3 Hairstyling Tricks To Infuse Bounce Into Limp Hair

Any woman with dull, limp hair knows that fixes for curly hair won't have the same effect on them. Getting bounce into fine tresses requires effort, but it pays off in the end when you enjoy the added volume. Before you follow these smart hairstyling tricks to infuse bounce into your limp hair, be sure to get a volumising cut from a hair salon for the best results.

Wash Hair Frequently But Avoid Conditioning Roots

While curly hair is generally drier at the scalp and doesn't need too many washes because it often looks better when natural oils seep into it, thin hair becomes oily quicker and starts to look limper under the weight of these scalp oils. Make sure you wash more frequently to prevent this from happening. When conditioning your hair to smooth down the texture, avoid using any product on your hair roots because it will make your hair limper and flatter than it already is thanks to the smoothening ingredients present. If you've ever got a wash at a hair salon, you'd probably notice that they use conditioning product only on the bottom layers of your hair –– follow this same action when you wash your hair at home.

Turn Over When Blow Drying Your Hair And Don't Leave Home With Wet Hair

Turn your hair over and blow-dry it in the opposite direction if you're looking to give your hair cuticles the extra bounce they need to look volumous. You can even add a little volumising hair product to damp hair for a little extra life and shine. Avoid leaving your home with wet hair because leaving it to dry naturally without brushing through properly causes it to become flatter and limper than otherwise. Make sure you give your hair a good brush before you leave the house and always turn it over to infuse volume into it.

Avoid Using Too Many Hair Products Often

Plenty of hairstyling products like gels, mousses and sprays are available with the claim of adding volume to your hair. While it is okay to use these products occasionally on your hair, avoid using too many products too often because they could cause more damage to your already-thin hair. Thin hair tends to be more brittle and vulnerable, so too many products can cause hair to break more easily. This ends up making your thin hair look even flimsier and flatter than otherwise.

Before you follow these smart tricks to infuse bounce into your limp hair, you'll ideally want a volumising cut from the hair salon for extra lift.