Three Hairstyles That Will Make Your Thin Hair Look Thicker

Having thin hair can hurt your confidence, and you might long for thick, voluminous locks. Hair of any thickness can be made to look full and healthy, and picking the right style makes a big difference. Next time you visit the hair salon, choose one of the following styles and mention to your stylist that you'd like your hair to look thicker. They'll be able to cut your hair in a way that maximises volume and can advise you on products to help you achieve the look you want.

Short layered bob

Adding texture instantly makes your hair look thicker and creates an illusion of depth in even the thinnest hair. Layered bobs are also great fun to style—you can add loads of volume using mousse, gel, or hairspray. This style doesn't require too much effort, as a messy look often appears thicker and more fashionable than tons of straightening.

For maximum volume, make sure plenty of short layers are included—these are easier to tease into a fuller shape as they won't be weighed down as much as longer layers. If you dye your hair, consider a slightly lighter shade on the top layers to create even more depth.

Long with bangs

Long hair styles can be the hardest when it comes to adding thickness, as the hair is heavier and tends to thin out naturally towards the ends. Having regular trims can help to reduce the appearance of thin ends and will keep your hair growing well. Adding bangs to your style is a great way to give the impression of greater thickness, as hair tends to be fuller closer to the scalp. Layered bangs can be dyed for even more dramatic effects. A lighter colour at the front of your bangs with a darker shade underneath creates a greats sense of depth.

Blunt bob

A blunt bob is a classy style that makes your hair look thicker without the need for layers. Sharp ends create a dramatic look that makes the most of the thickest section of your hair, with no thinning effect towards the ends. Bob cuts are a simple style, and a quick application of volumizing hairspray is all you'll need to do after straightening. You can add loads of volume by blow drying from behind, making this a really easy-to-maintain style that's perfect if you're not keen on using loads of products. Colouring your hair in a gradient pattern will increase the depth even more and keep your bob from looking one-dimensional.