How to Try out New Hairstyles Without Making Any Permanent Changes

Fancy a dramatic hair makeover, but don't want to make any long-term changes you might regret? There are loads of ways to try out new styles without getting your hair cut or using any permanent dyes or hair extensions. Read on for some great suggestions on how to liven up your 'do', without stressing about anything going wrong.

Flip-in hair extensions

Flip-in hair extensions are quick and easy to use, and since there's no need for gluing or weaving, the extensions can easily be removed if you don't like them. The extensions rest under your natural hair and are held in place by a transparent wire - nobody will guess that it's not your real hair.

Choosing extensions made from 100% human hair means that you'll be able to style them exactly as you would your own hair, which isn't the case with synthetic extensions. You can experiment with curling, straightening, and applying as many products as you like. Once you're done, you can simply wash the extensions with shampoo, and they'll be ready to restyle. They're perfect if you enjoy long hair occasionally but don't want to commit to growing it out.

Temporary hair dye

Temporary hair dye is an excellent way to experiment with different colours. Most temporary dyes will wash out within 5 washes, so plan accordingly. Your hair will usually look the brightest on the day that you dye it, so bear this is mind if you're styling your hair for an event. Bright colours will work well on very light or bleached hair but might not turn out well on darker hair. Shades like red, orange or purple are ideal for dark hair, while pinks, blues and greens should be reserved for lighter hair.

Try styles that look like cuts

There are several ways to create a fake bob, which is great if you're thinking about a dramatic cut but aren't sure. Tie your hair into two loose pigtails, then fold the hair under itself and pin into place. Use U-shaped pins, then secure in place with one straight pin on each side. Alternatively, wrap a band around the bottom quarter of your hair, creating a long, loose ponytail. Then fold the entire ponytail upwards and pin into place.

There's a great trick for creating bangs without making a single cut. Put long hair into a high ponytail, then wrap the hair all the way around the ponytail until it falls into bangs at the front of your face. Straighten and use hairspray for the best effect. For really long hair, you might need several wraps to get bangs the length you want.