How to Cure “Hobbit Feet”

As you grow older you may find that you begin to experience hair growth on your toes and feet. "Hobbit feet" are particularly common in those with dark hair and skin and can be very embarrassing when you go to the beach or pool. This can put you off wearing open-toed footwear altogether.

There are a few hair-removal treatment options you could consider that will banish your furry feet forever!

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a popular option for getting rid of hair growth on your feet and toes.

Laser treatment is non-invasive and can be carried out at a beauty salon or clinic, so there's no need to worry about hospital stays or anaesthesia.

The technician uses a powerful laser light that is directed at the individual hair follicles within your skin. The laser light kills the hair follicle, preventing the hair from re-growing in the future and making the result of the treatment permanent. Depending on the amount of hair growth that requires treatment, you may need to attend for several sessions to get rid of it all. Once the hair is gone, you won't need further treatment in the future.

The treatment is not painful, although you may feel a small amount of discomfort if your skin is particularly sensitive. Your technician will be able to offer a topical numbing agent to make the process more comfortable if you wish.

The effects of laser treatment are immediate. You may be left with a small amount of reddening to the treated areas, but this will disperse within a few hours.


Waxing is a cheaper alternative to laser treatment for the removal of hair from your feet.

You can have your feet waxed in a beauty clinic or spa. The whole treatment takes a matter of minutes to complete, and afterwards, you will have smooth, hairless feet.  

The technician applies warm wax to the target areas on your feet. Special papers are then applied to the liquid wax, which is allowed to cool and set for a few minutes. The papers are then ripped off quickly, pulling the wax and hair with them.

The treatment is briefly painful when the hairs are ripped away, and there may be a little reddening of the skin for a few hours afterwards. The main drawback of waxing is that you will need to have the treatment repeated regularly, as the hair will regrow.

If you have "hobbit feet'", you can cure the problem quickly and easily by using one of the methods outlined above. For more guidance and information on hair removal, have a chat with the staff at your local beauty salon or clinic.