Tips to Contending With Breaking Hair

Minor hair breakage is normal for everyone, as your scalp will shed several strands of hair on a daily basis. However, when you start to notice that your hair is becoming significantly thin due to hair loss, then you may be contending with severe hair breakage. Nevertheless, not many people realise that their hair grooming practices and lifestyle choices are what cause this increased damage. If you find that you are losing copious amounts of hair, try the following tips to contend with the breakage. Read More 

How to Cure “Hobbit Feet”

As you grow older you may find that you begin to experience hair growth on your toes and feet. "Hobbit feet" are particularly common in those with dark hair and skin and can be very embarrassing when you go to the beach or pool. This can put you off wearing open-toed footwear altogether. There are a few hair-removal treatment options you could consider that will banish your furry feet forever! Read More